Fine Art Face Masks

Since it looks like masks will be we with us for quite a while, and some folks are looking for something more artsy to wear, I am offering masks with images from some of my paintings.. I was inspired by my son who made 3 for me as a Mother’s Day present. I got a number of requests after wearing them, so decided I would offer them for sale.

The masks are made from contoured, breathable, latex-free fabric. Washing machine and dryer safe. They are sized to fit most women.

Cost is: $17.00 per mask including Ca. sales tax and mailing.

  1. Leaves of Joy
  2. Symphony of Leaves
  3. Secret Life of Hummingbirds
  4. California Leaves

I can take payment either by VenmoPaypalZelle or credit card card. Please email me at  (or use the contact page on this website) to let me know what you would like to order and to get payment details. Also any questions are welcome!

Studios 11
560 2nd Street
Jack London Square
Oakland, CA
IG: @Karenkramerart