Lyrical Botanicals


SOLD California Leaves 26x40 SOLD Lost in Leaves SOLD Symphony of Leaves 26 x 40 SOLD Secret Life of Plants 26 x 40
Leaf Conversations 24 x 35  water color media SOLD Garden of Time SOLD Heart of the Forest (L) In the Heart of the Garden 8x10 water color media
Raining Leaves 8x10 water color media SOLD Swimming with Leaves Leaves of the World 1  30x22  Mixed watercolor media Leaves of the World 2  30x22 Mixed watercolor media
Leaf Dreams  SOLD Leaves of Joy SOLD Heart of Forest Tryptich SOLD Dancing Leaves
SOLD Heart of Forest (C) Leaf Celebration 22x30 SOLD Heart of Forest (R)  Leaf Celebration 3  30x22
Cherryland Leaf Meditation  Hidden Forests 
Hidden Hummingbirds       

  Earthly Images